At Least It’s Tidy

I have recently started a ridiculously hard fitness program in an attempt to get out of my funk and generally feel like a badass.  It is called P90X, and I’m on day 9 of 90, so I really have no useful commentary on the program.  However, working out this much, getting up at  5am, and eating more protein in a day that I usually eat in a week has had an interesting effect on my normal creative practices.

My brain is one big whiteout.  I have trouble coming up with normal vocabulary in everyday conversations.  My misnoming adjectives (an essential tool for the stylized vibe I’m going for in my current novel) have left me completely.  And while it really bothered me for two weeks that I didn’t have anything to say about anything, now I have even less to say, but I’m kind of okay with it.  What’s up with that?  This is starting to make me wonder if there’s an entirely different explanation behind the stereotype of people who work in physically demanding jobs being strong, silent, and not too bright.  Maybe they’re just tired.  I know from my time in college, my tenure in a cubicle, and my current vocation that using your brain all day can actually make your body tired at night.  Does making your body tired early in the morning make your brain tired all day?

The silver lining to a run of really bad writer’s block?  I clean when I’m agitated.  My house is going to be gorgeous.

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