I Am Woman

Today I completed my second week of P90X (only mostly, because tomorrow is a rest day and that will REALLY make the week complete), and as always the last workout of the week is Kenpo.  I’d never heard of Kenpo before, but it is pretty similar to Tae Bo, which I’ve done for years.  All that to say, I love Kenpo because it makes me feel like I can kick some serious ass.  I leave that workout feeling invincible, which is awesome.  Today, I followed it with a nice hot shower and grooved to Matisyahu while I’m got dressed and brushed my teeth.  Since I’ve worked hard this week, I gave myself a little pedicure before heading off to see Sex and the City 2 with my friend Amanda.  And this chain of events brought up an interesting thought.

How happy am I that I can feel powerful and unstoppable in a very physical sense, rock out to a fantastic hip hop artist, and then paint my toenails and watch an extremely silly (although very fun) girly movie?  I feel the like new face of feminism here, which makes me feel pretty darn special today.  It made me think of a quote from one of the wonderful Geek Girls at Clockwork when she addressed the new Computer Programmer Barbie.  She said (my paraphrase) that that doll doesn’t say that you have to like pink to be a girl, it says you can be a computer programmer and still like pink.  In view of this realization, I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who has fought long and hard so those two sides can come together in one person.  Even better, so that one person (me!) can enjoy a sense of pride instead of being stung with a sense of shame.

Oh, and a shout out to my friend Amanda, who isn’t afraid to laugh in movie theaters.

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  1. I like your blog today Lauren. We were just talking last night after theology pub about third wave feminists, and being closer to a 1st or 2nd wave feminist I have sometimes felt the work that went into giving younger women today the choice to do whatever they like goes unappreciated. I think you expressed those thoughts for me really well!

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