For the Riverview

I am new here

And you don’t know me

I could be self-important



But I am new here

and so I am unknown.

You are folk artists

Aging beautifully

Carrying your twangs and wandering rhymes in your pockets

tucked in jackets

stuffed with memories

“Remember when we were here?

We loved these mornings

and we wrote this song”

You have clung to your principles

eating your organic chocolate

wearing your second-hand clothes

devoted to your instruments

The calluses on your fingertips speak for you.

I am new here

but I know I don’t belong

My work is blank of memory

My poems babbling infants in this quiet room

My principles are still untested

Laptop keys leave no mark on my skin

but I’ll stand up nonetheless

I am here now

And among your other virtues

I believe you will be kind.

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