The Artist Small Group

This fall I’m leading a small group for artists with the dazzling Rena. A few months ago after a few beers, Rena and I were talking excitedly about what a great small group for artists would look like, and Rena exclaimed “Let’s do that!” and so we are.

The group looks like this. We get together, Rena makes sure everyone has a beverage of their choice (most impressively, she makes fresh loose-leaf tea for anyone who asks for it), and eventually we settle down in couches and folding chairs. One person does a devotional, where they share a bible passage they like and why they like it. One person shares some of their artwork. So far we’ve had poetry, photography, and a prototype tropical cookie. We sing worship together, and then everyone answers three questions. What are you making? What do you wish you were making? What was a moment this week that you felt connected to God? Once everyone has answered, we break into small groups and pray for each other.

Rena and I have been praying for this group before it began, and we pray that the group will inspire people to make more artwork. We pray the group will encourage people to notice and actively pursue connection with God. We pray that God will speak to the people in our group about their artwork. We pray these things because we believe that God speaks through the act of creation, and if more things are created, more of the kingdom will come.

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