Oh, that’s right, I have a blog! Hello blog. As you might guess from the huge amount of prose you’ve seen on this page in recent months, I’ve been having a slow go of it with my writing. There are some great reasons for that (cancer, art auctions, tiny babies, husbands who expect you to talk to them and stuff), but I’ve recently discovered that I can make my writing time a whole lot more productive by consuming a little art beforehand. Artwork is one of those things that needs some of itself to grow, like yogurt, or sourdough bread, or kombucha. All those things need a “mother” to start because they are in some respect, alive.

So yogurt makes yogurt, and art makes art.

Since I’m searching out some easily accessible artwork just about every day, I thought I’d populate my blog a little by sharing it with you. You’re welcome.

Today’s selection is a piece I’ve used for inspiration for a long time, and it still works. It’s the song “Creator” by Santigold. If you were expecting something super hipster and counter-cultural, sorry. This song has appeared in such dark artsy corners as Grey’s Anatomy and Chuck. But long before that, when it was still cool and hipster, my dear friend Alice introduced me to this artist, and I still love this song. Here it is for free on YouTube, but if you’re going to listen to it half as much as I do, you should just buy it. It’s a buck.

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