Mindy Shapero

Mindy Shapero, a mixed media sculptor who captured my heart with this lovely image.


I love the movement of this piece, and how delicate it appears. When I first found this image it was entitled simply “White,” but a little digging has revealed that it is only a piece of this sculpture


Which is entitled “It’s always happening right now even after,” a phrase that I find lovely all on its own. I love it because it’s true, that momentous events seem to have a life all their own in my experience of the present moment. I’m glad that I found this image the way I did, first with just that tiny piece. It’s like looking at an individual wave before glimpsing the entire ocean, which gives me a much better appreciation for the whole.

This is a small part of an interview with Mindy Shapero, in which she talks just a little about her process of creation and material selection. It’s kind of great.

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