Amanda Martin

I really wanted to post some artistic photography, but I had a harder time finding something I loved than I usually do (I love a lot of things). A quick search for “photography” on Pinterest returned a frankly shocking number of bridal and burlesque photos but not much else. But fear not, I believe that the photo below might be the best thing ever.


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What I love about this photo is that it includes the baby’s smiling face and bright eyes. I think if it were cropped to show just the young and old hands, it wouldn’t have caught my eye as something special, because the implication of the photo would be too obvious and not very interesting. But that child’s face adds so much import and magic to this photo, which might be why I’ve spent so much time looking at it.

This phenomenal image was captured by Amanda Martin, a professional photographer who takes a lot of those bridal photos I mentioned before. I have no knowledge of her taking burlesque photos, but I didn’t look that hard. Amanda Martin also has a pretty great blog that you should check out, especially if you’re a mom and into to mom related blogs.

Magic Skin

My husband’s skin is kind of magical. It’s not a sex thing, exactly. It’s not even a familiarity thing, because I’ve felt that about him before we were even officially dating. It feels like home. When I have contact with his skin, there’s a small spiritual confirmation that this is my partner. Long before we made the very grown-up decision to get married, I think the knowledge of our life long love was already in my sensory hairs.

Pearl has that too. She was asleep in my lap, just finished her early-morning feeding, and I got that same feeling. Like beyond the cognitive knowledge that she is my baby, my arms and hands whisper that this child is forever set apart from all others because this child is my daughter. This one has my eyes, she has my blood, she is sustained by my body. This one has my partner’s magic skin.