Jim and Connie Grant

There was a period there where I was looking at a lot of vases. A lot. Of vases. I don’t know why, but the form just caught my eye and I couldn’t see enough of them. I got over this eventually, but this piece by Jim and Connie Grant just stuck with me.

Jim and Connie Grant

I keep searching it out so I can look at it just a little longer. I love the innovation of combining blown glass with copper wire sculpture. The form of vases like this always do make me think of a woman’s naked hip, and I think the copper wire really brings that imagery out with it’s skirt or necklace-like shape. In any case, I love it, and you could love it too. All of the Grants’ work is really great, and you can check out their artwork on the Celestial Art Glass website.

Niyoko Ikuta

Today, a wonderful, airy, glass sculpture by Niyoko Ikuta.


I really love sculpture like this, the bold and elegant lines, the motion, and such great negative space. This is the kind of piece I always wish I could have in my house so I could see it at all its different angles all the time. Then I remember that my living room floor is covered with rubber matting in primary colors from Sam’s Club, and I go about my business.