Judith Braun

Today I present to you Judith Braun, who makes lots of different types of art, but caught my eye with her wall “fingerings.” They are too simple, dramatic, and beautiful to be real, certainly to be charcoal or graphite fingerprints on a white wall. Still, there they are in all their magnificent glory, because an artist touched that wall.


Judith Braun is one of those artists that I admire because she is willing to say, do, and be things that I am too afraid to say, do, or be. One of her museum pieces is entitled, “Without Pleasure All We’d Have is a Bunch of Stuff Vibrating.” I love that.

My apologies for how my side bar interrupts this beautiful artwork. I’d continue to try to fix it, but I’d like to write some fiction today. You can click on the image to see it in its purer form.