Art that Makes Art

I have two artists for you today, since it is a day for a theme instead of a single showcase. I’ve run across two artists recently who make art that makes art. It seemed destined for this particular blog. The first one is…

Amy Brier

Amy Brier (6)

This is a piece called a roliquery, which is (I believe) a limestone sculpture that makes these amazing artistic impressions when rolled in sand. Aside from the obvious beauty and stunning creativity of these pieces, I also love that there are so many possible imprints you can make with one roliquery, because of its extra dimension as a sphere, as opposed to a flat stamp.

Next up, Betsabee Romero


This is just one small example of what this phenomenal woman can do with a plain rubber tire. The website I’ve linked to is in Spanish, but that’s okay because you just have to look at the pictures. Look at as many of them as you can find, because just when you think she’s going to be out of ideas, WHAM! There’s something you completely new that you had no idea you could do with a tire.