Geraldine Gonzalez

Okay, so I wasn’t as much better as I thought last week, but I’m pretty sure I’m back now. I figure it’s better to post something than not, especially since I found the amazing piece of installation art by Geraldine Gonzalez today.


I very highly recommend checking out Geraldine Gonzalez’ whole website, all of her creations are just fantastic. When I’m choosing artwork to go on this site, I try to pick something that gives me this particular feeling when I first see it. It’s a feeling I get when I watch ballet, or hear live opera music, and I get it a lot while cruising around Pinterest. I call it a light-filled emptiness, and it’s the same feeling I get when I worship God. It’s my spirit recognizing the divine in something I see on earth. I get that feeling with all of Gonzalez’ sculptures, which is why you really should take a closer look.

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