Jason Decaires Taylor

My quest for unique artists doing truly original work is just going bonkers this week. Today I have the pleasure of showing off one of Jason Decaires Taylor‘s work. He makes sculptures and then sinks them into the ocean, creating the first underwater sculpture garden in the world.


This sculpture garden is in the West Indies off the coast of Grenada. This artwork was made in large part to help rejuvenate coral structures, providing new places for coral to attach and grow. His work is in a constantly transitory state because of it’s location in the ocean, which inevitably adapts and assimilates the sculptures into itself. In the image above, the “wings” on the figure are not sculpted, they are coral growths. As time goes on, the figures become more and more part of the ocean.

This is a really amazing interview with Jason Decaires Taylor, which is long but totally worth watching. I can’t describe the gentle and transcendent nature of Taylor’s work with still images, and hearing him speak about the purpose and nature of his work is just fascinating.

Suzan Drummen

There is nothing I like more (besides my husband, kid, sex, chocolate, and the other obvious things) than to find a type of art that is completely different from anything I’ve seen before. I love finding some cool jewelry, a profound painting, a breathtaking sculpture, but I love it even more when I find something that defies being named. That is what I found today in Suzan Drummen and her landscape floor installations.

Suzan Drummen

What is that? It’s crystals, precious stones, beads, glass, mirrors, and probably a lot of other things, meticulously placed to create an intricate, other-worldly 3D landscape on an empty floor. Some more pictures are necessary.

Suzan Drummen 3

Suzan Drummen 4

Suzan Drummen detail

I am in love with the unadulterated creativity that goes into these things, and I am in deep admiration for the bravery I can’t even imagine it takes to make ones work something so beautiful and yet difficult to explain. Hats off.

Zadok Ben-David

There truly are days when I feel like I can’t find anything I really want to post here. Or I find one thing I’m kind of excited about and spend the next hour trying to find the artist’s full name. then there are days like today, when I look up and an hour has evaporated, and I realize I’ve pinned about a hundred new images. Then I have to decide which one is the one for today. It’s tough being me.

This is a phenomenal artist named Zadok Ben-David, who does these distinctive metal sculptures that range from intricately miniature to soaring larger-than-life. I love them all. His depiction of nature and especially the human form is so delicate and yet so inevitable in it’s execution. As always, I’m just posting this one image, but you really should check out his website because everything he’s done is worth seeing.

Geraldine Gonzalez

Okay, so I wasn’t as much better as I thought last week, but I’m pretty sure I’m back now. I figure it’s better to post something than not, especially since I found the amazing piece of installation art by Geraldine Gonzalez today.


I very highly recommend checking out Geraldine Gonzalez’ whole website, all of her creations are just fantastic. When I’m choosing artwork to go on this site, I try to pick something that gives me this particular feeling when I first see it. It’s a feeling I get when I watch ballet, or hear live opera music, and I get it a lot while cruising around Pinterest. I call it a light-filled emptiness, and it’s the same feeling I get when I worship God. It’s my spirit recognizing the divine in something I see on earth. I get that feeling with all of Gonzalez’ sculptures, which is why you really should take a closer look.

Tom Fruin

I am a huge fan of public artworks. I think they are an essential piece of the texture of a city, and I’m so lucky to live in Minneapolis where you can throw a rock and hit three murals. This link should take you to an album of public art I have on Facebook. I love adding to this album, and how it helps me see art everywhere I go.

Today, I give you Tom Fruin, who made this phenomenal piece of public artwork in Brooklyn.


I love how this piece changes the whole landscape it appears in. Just imagine if it was a plain white concrete water tower, and how much beauty would be lost. If I ever make it back to New York City, I’m going to make sure I get to stand on the Brooklyn Bridge and see this piece for myself.