Suzan Drummen

There is nothing I like more (besides my husband, kid, sex, chocolate, and the other obvious things) than to find a type of art that is completely different from anything I’ve seen before. I love finding some cool jewelry, a profound painting, a breathtaking sculpture, but I love it even more when I find something that defies being named. That is what I found today in Suzan Drummen and her landscape floor installations.

Suzan Drummen

What is that? It’s crystals, precious stones, beads, glass, mirrors, and probably a lot of other things, meticulously placed to create an intricate, other-worldly 3D landscape on an empty floor. Some more pictures are necessary.

Suzan Drummen 3

Suzan Drummen 4

Suzan Drummen detail

I am in love with the unadulterated creativity that goes into these things, and I am in deep admiration for the bravery I can’t even imagine it takes to make ones work something so beautiful and yet difficult to explain. Hats off.

David Chidgey

I am super excited about today’s artwork by the great David Chidgey. It is both a mosaic, and a mandala, both of which are awesome forms, and this one is just so amazingly beautiful. Check it out.


David Chidgey does amazing work with stained glass mosaic. I’m really impressed at how his work is consistently lovely in a way that just gets me in the chest, and that he has a great range of forms and mediums incorporated into his mosaic work. This is his Flickr page, which is worth looking at because it has some photos of the work being created which I really enjoy, and you might too.

Mindy Shapero

Mindy Shapero, a mixed media sculptor who captured my heart with this lovely image.


I love the movement of this piece, and how delicate it appears. When I first found this image it was entitled simply “White,” but a little digging has revealed that it is only a piece of this sculpture


Which is entitled “It’s always happening right now even after,” a phrase that I find lovely all on its own. I love it because it’s true, that momentous events seem to have a life all their own in my experience of the present moment. I’m glad that I found this image the way I did, first with just that tiny piece. It’s like looking at an individual wave before glimpsing the entire ocean, which gives me a much better appreciation for the whole.

This is a small part of an interview with Mindy Shapero, in which she talks just a little about her process of creation and material selection. It’s kind of great.