Today I’m going to share one of my very favorite bands with you, the amazing Flobots. I heard the Flobots for the first time because the cute husband and I forgot to turn our alarm clock off, and the Flobots were being featured at 7am on a Sunday morning on our local radio station. I heard this song and I’ve been a little in love with them ever since. The video is also amazing.

The Flobots do some amazing work for social justice, through their music and a lot of other things too. The last I heard, they regularly invite local non-profits to table at their concerts so the attendees have the opportunity to take the inspiration the music gave them and do something with it right away. I love that, and I love their music. That is actually important to me, because there are a lot of people who have great messages in their music (ahem, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), but the music really lacks quality, which is only half the story to me. I respect and enjoy the Flobots because they combine a great message with a impressive musicality and poetry.

*Disclaimer: I enjoy some of Macklemore’s music, but their song “Same Love” falls flat for me on an artistic level, even though I love the message.

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