Jiri Kylian and David Kracov

Ah, I missed posting on Friday! But hooray for you, because a lazy Friday means bonus Monday, with two amazing pieces of artwork instead of one!

The first is a ballet piece choreographed by Jiri Kylian (his name is supposed to have three different accent marks because he’s Czech, but you can find him online with this spelling. Plus I gave you the link). I can appreciate almost any form of dance, but this particular style I find especially moving. Watching the dancers flow with such liquid movements and express so much with their whole bodies, I am in awe in a way that makes me feel light and full of possibilities. The perfect piece of artwork to inspire more artwork.

Second is a metal sculpture by David Kracov. I love this image so much, and I know it will be one that I return to again and again. It describes how I feel about the vibrancy of literature in such a visceral way. One aspect I love about sculpture is how it gets me outside of my word-driven brain and into a space that is physical and profound.