Carl Warner

First, apologies to anyone who tried to reach this site yesterday or the day before and received an error message. The hiccup has been conquered by the cute husband and all is well in the land of creative compassion.

To make up for the missed days, I present to you some fun with naked bodies. Carl Warner puts together these amazing landscapes composed entirely of photos of naked skin.

Carl Warner

What I love about these pieces is how they illustrate the sheer beauty of the human form, even just the skin and muscles, apart from any overtly sexual reference. The body is beautiful in and of itself, not just as a tool for orgasm. The coloring and curves are simply mesmerizing, and as I look at these pictures I’m really struck at how many human-made objects are in some way imitating the perfect shape and dynamism of the body.

Susa Dosa

For some Friday sexiness, check out these gorgeous black and white photos by Susa Dosa. This Finish photographer take photos that are not nudes, but these are the ones I like the best. They are beautiful, sensual, and lend a feeling of intimacy I rarely get from other types of nude art. Her close-up almost macro style makes me feel like I’m part of that embrace. It’s lovely.

“Light Hug”

On a slightly more ranty note, if you are an artist WATERMARK YOUR IMAGES. If you’re going to post artwork anywhere on the internet CREDIT THE ARTIST. The amount of amazing art that I can’t post on this blog because I have no way of crediting the artist is absolutely unbelievable. In general I’m a fan of putting work out there and making it accessible, but there is no good reason why an artist’s name shouldn’t always and obviously be attached to their work.

Rant over.

Xi Pan

In my now extensive travels through the artwork on Pinterest, I’ve started an entire board just for pictures, paintings, and sculptures of embrace. I honestly can go to that board, look at the pictures, and feel loved. It’s gorgeous. One of my favorite pieces from that board (although it is hard to choose a favorite) is this delicate painting by Xi Pan.


This is one of those images that make me feel I’m not alone. This image is so utterly true to my life, I can feel my daughter’s baby cheek on my shoulder when I look at it. I love that it illustrates how mothers and children are built to fit together just so, and how peaceful and comforting that one fact can be.

Xi Pan is a very impressive painter, well worth spending a few minutes exploring. She does these really lovely, slightly surreal female nudes; the painting I’ve chosen is actually not very representative of her work. So you should go check out the rest, because it’s awesome.