Valerie Boy

Metal light installations. Now, I will be the first to admit that the first time I heard the term “light installation” was on Sex and the City. Furthermore, ever since then I have periodically thought, “how can an artist possibly make a living on light installations? Who buys those? How would it even go in your house?” I’m happy to say that Valerie Boy answered all these questions to great satisfaction with her very first image, which for me, was this beauty.


This piece showed up on Apartment Therapy, where the writer described how this one piece took a rather dull apartment and made it notably beautiful. Almost all of Valerie Boy’s work that I’ve seen is both lovely with it’s intrinsic design and manipulation of white light, and practical on some level. She make lamps and pillows and other stuff you can use. I love when art can cross over into a certain pragmatism. Not that I practice that much myself; my books don’t work that well for doorstops or coasters. Trivets, maybe.