Angela Mellor

I like seeing artists who take a medium and do something entirely new to it. I like that about Bestebee Romero and her carved tires, I like that about Rebeca Mojica and her chainmaille, and I like it about Angela Mellor and her work with the translucency of bone china. Mellor first caught my eye with this piece.

Angela Mellor

I love this for the elegant melding of complexity and simplicity. I love how intimate it feels, like I’m seeing through the china to a different and more beautiful identity.

However, that piece is not the greatest representation of Mellor’s work, since she works mainly with light effects through bone china, which is also amazing. Here is a piece like that.

Angela Mellor 2

Rebeca Mojica

There is a special respect you have to have for artists who take one medium and stretch it out of its nature. There are many pieces of artwork that I might not enjoy, but must respect just because what the artist has done with the medium is amazing. I prefer, however, to fall in love with a piece of artwork and then find out it’s made from a shocking medium. So I give you, Rebeca Mojica and her phenomenal work with chainmaille


This amazing piece is titled “Poseiden’s Embrace” and is entirely composed of tiny, interlocked metal loops. The exacting, mathematical nature of the medium makes the soft, organic folds of this piece just that much more beautiful and impressive.