Anna Kubinyi

I don’t stumble over fiber arts all that often, which is probably my own fault. I find it unusual to discover a fiber artist who escapes the trap of craftiness, cuteness, or just plain lack of innovation. I say this as a practitioner of fiber arts, and with the full knowledge that my own small work falls into all three of those categories. But today, Anna Kubinyi has defied all my expectations for fiber arts, bringing to the genre a multi-layered complexity and depth of meaning I was frankly stunned to find in a tapestry.

Tree Snake

This was the first piece to catch my eye, but all of her work I find just thrilling and deep. The website linked here is in Hungarian, but Chrome will translate it for you like it did for me. Although the font is hard to read and the translation isn’t perfect, I was still really impressed at Kubinyi’s beautiful expression in her writing as well as her artwork. I really loved reading her autobiography, which reveals so much (to me) about her spirit of strength and discovery. So now you have to check it out, just to see what the heck I’m talking about.